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Rick Harrington - SPOTS ON THE GO Founder/CEO  

“JT has helped on the talent roster with Spots On The Go for a year, since the business began. He's loyal, always upbeat and always passionate about his work.  His reads are energetic, articulate, fun and always has a fun twist with that ever popular smile!  With regards to sending audio via email for production, his turnaround is quick and often returned within an hour or two max!

I would highly recommend JT for any voice work with his dedication at all levels."

Jeff Murray - K97 Edmonton Program Director 

“JT worked under my supervision as an ON AIR announcer at K97 in Edmonton.  During his time with us, JT was a dedicated and professional announcer, with an even better attitude.  His extensive preparation for his shows was easy to hear in his ON AIR delivery, especially during the numerous theme weekends and music specials we ran on K97.  The specials we ran would mean more extensive preparation was required from the announcers hosting the shows, and JT always delivered and then some.  JT also has the unique ability to engage listeners in both ON AIR phone interaction and on on social media, with relevant and topical information.  JT would be asset to any operation that brought him aboard!"

Jerry Patsula - NEWCAP Advertising Consultant 

“Worked with JT at Capital FM in Edmonton and had the opportunity to see the high degree of focus, preparation, and enthusiasm that he consistently brought to his tasks. JT was always eager to meet listeners, advertising clients, host remotes, and to attend station events. Many of the advertisers that I worked with would contact me right after their event to comment on how happy they were at having him involved. 
Always very positive, and a natural at connecting with anybody and everybody regardless of their background, JT is a true down-to-earth professional that clearly loves to contribute to the success of a radio station."

Robbie Dunn - President of NL Broadcasting

“JT was the morning show host on 97.5 FM The River for a period over 6 years and had a great ability to be entertaining through a variety of listener involvement calls. To be up and lively on air for a 6am start each weekday is an excellent quality and JT was always punctual and prepared. In addition to the on air recognition he became highly visible in the community by
emceeing numerous events and enjoyed them greatly. He is a hard worker that sets high standards for those around him. I was disappointed to learn he had elected to leave our station and hope he will be strongly considered for other openings in Radio.” 

Gerry Pigeon - General Sales Mgr NL Broadcasting

“I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with JT at NL Broadcasting in Kamloops for about a year and a half.  JT is an outstanding announcer with a great sense of humor, professional presentation, and a keen sense of his audience. The two things that stand out are JT's commitment to the community, through volunteering his time to various events as an MC or in other capacities.  The second is his ability to draw shoppers to "Live Remotes".  It was magical!  I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."  

Kevin Grexton - KX96/HOT 101 Operations Mgr  

“JT has been with the station (s) for 10 years, working his way up the ranks from cruiser dude to ultimately the most popular morning personality in the market.  His work in establishing HOT 101 right from the get-go will always be remembered, as will his countless hours working the crowds at Orange Crush Talent Searches, Countryfest, and remotes, charity fundraisers, and other events throughout Western Manitoba.  Not to mention a day or two atop a roof for oh, $10,000 or so...


It's been a great ride...thanks JT & good luck in BC..."

PD/OM Kevin Grexton - Send Off
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"James Taylor was employed with Craig Media Inc. from March 26, 1996 until we sold our stations to Standard Radio Inc. effective March 31, 2002. James literally worked himself through the ranks from a part-time announcer to the position of Morning Man on HOT 101, which he still holds under the ownership of Standard Radio.


During my career, I have run across many capable people who, for whatever reason, did not perform to their maximum potential.  That was not the case at all with James.  He always did his best to do his best.  James took ownership of his job and did whatever he could to make us more successful.  It was evident from the beginning that he understood we were in business to serve our customers - both listeners and advertisers.  James possesses a terrific attitude, a magnetic personality and an enthusiasm that is infectious.


Warren Buffet said, "When looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: Integrity, intelligence, and energy.  If they don't have the first one, the other two will kill you."  I always think of that quote when I hire or evaluate staff.  I am proud to say that James definitely has all three qualities.

If you have the opportunity to offer James a position that will excite and involve him - do it.  Your superiors and co-workers will forever be in awe of your human resource abilities."  

Jim Van Dusen - CKRC Wpg/Radio Practicum Supervisor 

"James has amazing focus, drive, and a work ethic that ties if not beats the best I've ever seen. It was a privilege.  

Student performance A+ to A."

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