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JT is a multi-faceted experienced broadcasting personality offering a variety of media talent services. His genuine interest, attitude, enthusiasm and integrity for whatever show he hosts or event he endorses, instills confidence in those who hire him. JT has also built a sterling reputation of being a person who “walks his talk” and can always be counted on to exceed any expectation put forward to him with his unwavering tenacity and drive for achieving goals.


A proven passion for making people smile and 'tune in' loyally, JT's radio career now spans three provinces and includes hosting three #1 rated morning shows, a nationally recognized weekly music special (garnering a Canadian Music Industry 'Station of the Year' nomination), and hosting countless client requested live on-location broadcasts.  He is also experienced in voicework, video and audio production taking pride in being the voice behind numerous commercials heard both on radio and television.  

In addition to making numerous TV appearances spotlighting the entertainment scene and hosting live telethons, over the years JT has also also fully embraced this new world we call 'social media'.  In fact, in late 2020 he hit an unprecedented milestone of over 3.2 million views on just his YouTube channel alone.  It's that love of connecting with an audience that JT has now earned a solid reputation as an MC for many well-publicized events including charity functions, award shows, concerts, and even black tie and red carpet galas.  

The bottom line…JT LOVES people and truly lives to make a difference entertaining on air and out in public serving and strengthening communities.  Simply put, it's that devotion to his audience, friends, and followers that JT will rise to ANY challenge as a leader with the highest level of professionalism, originality, and team work possible to reach the 'summit'! 

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