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Radio Personality // Announcer // Master of Ceremonies // Producer // Columnist

"Please let me be the first to welcome you into my crazy world of radio, and the many wonderful years I have had thus far on the airwaves in front of a microphone.  Having a job where you can get up every morning to serve and entertain your community, while hopefully starting one's day with a smile or chuckle, is truly a privilege that I have never once taken for granted. Through the years I have met and talked to so many incredible people from all walks of life (maybe I have even talked to you?) and there is NOTHING that has brought me more happiness than that interaction.  

I only hope you enjoy the many features that I'm confident showcase who I am as an on-air personality and, as I've said many times, thanks for being a listener and friend!


So what are you waiting for?  Grab your mouse, start clickin', and COME ON IN!

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